Photography and Mindfulness

 A fun and relaxed day of shooting, sharing and learning. Including tips and ideas about how contempletive photography can help to give a greater sense of relaxation and wellbeing. Whether you are a business looking to offer staff wellbeing support, a charity or organisation working with groups or an individual looking for ways to connect with yourself, your environment and those around you this is an ideal way to enjoy an accessible creative practice that will help to reduce stress and improve and wellbeing.

In these relaxed 1 day courses Kate shares personal experience and tips on how photography has helped improve her own wellbeing and that of the many different groups that she works with. By combining her knowledge of photography and philosophy Kate offers simple and practical ways to practice photography and mindfulness.

This is a day to slow down, tap into your creativity and focus on the present moment.

What will you learn on this course? This is a chance for anyone who ever takes photographs to learn new techniques to improve your composition and understand how to get more from your camera (or smart phone). You will spend part of the day out and about taking notice of the surroundings and expressing yourself via the camera. 

Kate will be on hand to offer guidance and support, honing your skills and introducing new techniques to shoot great images and learn how photography may help with your own wellbeing.

As a result of this short course you focus on slowing down, relaxing and enjoying your surroundings. You will learn how to P.A.U.S.E.

P - Pause - Imagine you’re shooting with film so there is a perceived value and limit attached to pressing that button and pause to consider your composition.

A - Attention - Recognise what it is that caught your attention and think about how you can best represent that in the picture you make.

U - Unconscious - Creative ideas often come from the unconscious mind. Take the pressure off yourself. Forget about how many likes you might get for this picture. Reflect on how you are making (not taking) this picture purely for you, to celebrate this moment which, when passed, you will never retrieve. Tap into the unconscious that called for your attention.

S - Senses - Connect with your other senses and think about how you can communicate anything that arises through your picture.

E - Emotion - Think about how you feel e.g. calm, peaceful, happy, sad, angry and try to find a way to express this through your image. 

You will also practice Landscape, Portrait, Minimalist and Light Painting Photography.

Why not give me a call for a relaxed and friendly chat about how this course may help you?

Kate - 07740 909882.