Kate Green

I'm a Birmingham based photographer and film maker who specialises in participatory projects from birth to end of life and everyone in between.

I am creating a new body of work documenting the impact of arts and creativity on health and well being. My inspiration for the work comes from a personal perspective when in 2004 I turned to photography to aid my recovery through a difficult time. Since then I have built a successful business using photography and film to unleash people’s creativity and  to share some of the benefits of doing so. My aim is to create an archive of images and film that document a variety of arts practice starting with Comedy for the Elderly, Bereaved, People with Mental Ill Health and Young Carers. This work has been inspired from taking part in a wonderful documentary photography course run by  http://www.some-cities.org.uk Thanks to Andrew, Dan and the rest of the group for helping me to find my creative mojo again and thanks to http://www.womenandtheatre.co.uk for letting me photograph the amazing work they do.


Here’s a link to a short film I made in 2013 for Women and Theatre about comedy for the elderly.  http://youtu.be/23Xed_CUD-A